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I share optimistic & constructive books from writers committed to excellence in litterature. My favorites books leave me with a sense of lightness and freedom in my heart. "To love is to act" (Victor Hugo)

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

— feeling happy
The Diary of a Young Girl - B.M. Mooyaart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank

No doubt, it's a touching diary, but, in course of my reading, I also asked myself: how can a girl of her age have this kind of wisdom? 

Then, I noticed this mention in the introduction: an 'edited' version was published in 1947… 

Nevertheless, the experiences and emotions that I considered authentic, for a girl of her age, were more than enough to make this book an extremely valuable reading. I have already posted intermediate reviews before, but this is what resonated within me till the end:

- Writing a diary is THE only way to communicate with one's own soul. And, the most important tool for sanity!

- By constant self-awareness and practice, one can change indeed. I've seen that with myself, and in those close to me.

- When we change, our perspectives change too. We never see events, people, or things the same way. What we see through Anne's growth is so highly humane, so universal.

- We can pardon others, when we pardon ourselves. This part moved me to tears; I wish I had read this book before.

What makes this book really poignant is: this is not just a diary of a talented girl in confinement. It could be the diary of anyone; often, the toughest confinement is not imposed from outside, but from inside. When I looked in my own diary, this is what I saw. I had stifled my voice.