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I share optimistic & constructive books from writers committed to excellence in litterature. My favorites books leave me with a sense of lightness and freedom in my heart. "To love is to act" (Victor Hugo)

The Farther Reaches of Human Nature by Abraham Maslow

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The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (Esalen Book) - Bretha G. Maslow, Henry Geiger, Abraham Harold Maslow

In this book, the three chapters that spoke to me the most are: Neurosis as a failure of personal growth, emotional blocks to creativity, and a holistic approach to creativity.

I shall try here to enumerate how they apply to me.

Personally, I feel the most restless, fastidious, and anxious when I feel I’ve hit a wall in my personal or professional life. I agree with Maslow how, at the initial stages, I used to ignore the inner signals, and run away with what we call ‘fate’. All this changed, however, when I saw that the true scale of measuring personal growth is not external, but internal.

I agree with all those childhood blocks to creativity Maslow is talking about, but the worst block I felt was in my adulthood, after I started working in the corporates, and I completely drowned my inner voice in the noise of outside. It was a result of what they call ‘fitting in’, until, one day, I decided to tramp all over that and free myself.

Maslow applies the term ‘holistic’ in the sense of the society, that is, where the creativity also takes into account the full context of the creation, i.e., where the artistic creator is not an isolated entity, but a part of the whole. Seems natural, but so easy to forget in action!