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I share optimistic & constructive books from writers committed to excellence in litterature. My favorites books leave me with a sense of lightness and freedom in my heart. "To love is to act" (Victor Hugo)

The essence of Indian culture and wisdom, the second major epic poetry in India

— feeling amazing
The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic - Vālmīki, R.K. Narayan, Pankaj Mishra

I happened to pick up this book when I went to New Delhi for work.

I didn't know about Indian mythology at all, because in Europe we read only Greek Mythology at school, but what I've always like about India is that in this country, the animals seem to have equal rights as Man. So, when I picked up this book in the bookstore, and read the back cover, I was immediately drawn to the efforts of the monkeys, in collaboration with man, to save a kidnapped woman.

And I was touched by the book's deep wisdom and its keen insight into the human nature, coupled with a gripping narrative of action, in high tension. What a powerful story-telling!!!

I returned to the bookstore to buy the other Indian epic, 'Mahabharata', translated by the same author.